Groovin' the Moo music festival features Australia's first pill testing trials

In an Australian first, music festival-goers in Canberra were recently able to go to a drug-testing tent at a music festival to determine whether drugs they had obtained and intended to use contained deadly substances. Medical groups and certain law reformists and other advocacy groups have been championing this idea - already in operation in other jurisdictions worldwide - be embraced by law enforcement agencies and government in Australia. It is yet to be embraced in NSW where possessing such substances can see you automatically charged and/or convicted with the criminal offence of Possess Prohibited Drug. However, following negotiations with the ACT Government, police, and health official

Should swearing in public be a crime?

Should swearing in public be a crime? On 23 May 2018, UTS Faculty of Law will host a panel of prominent legal experts and advocates in a robust discussion of the legitimacy of offensive language crimes. Federal Court Judge and ALRC Commissioner Matthew Myers, Barrister Felicity Graham and Jane Sanders, Principal Solicitor at Shopfront Youth Legal Centre, will each offer their perspectives on the continued legitimacy of offensive language crimes in light of their disproportionate impact on disadvantaged and vulnerable Australians. Australians have a reputation for their colourful language. But this reputation is at odds with Australia’s historical and continued criminalisation of swearing. Ac

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