Traffic Offenders Program or the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program

Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide a summary and general overview only. It is not intended to be, nor does it constitute, legal advice. You should seek legal advice from a lawyer (either barrister or solicitor) working in the area of criminal law or traffic law before acting or relying on any of its content.

For those who have fallen foul of traffic laws in NSW, it is often prudent to enrol in and complete a court accredited traffic offenders program. The key word here is "accredited"; there a number of traffic intervention programs that are not accredited by the Department of Justice. You should also ensure that the program you participate in provides evidence of enrolment as well as a certificate of completion (which the Court will want to view during the sentencing proceedings of your matter).

While you should confer with your lawyer about the best traffic offender program for you - depending on factors as where you live, time commitments and other factors, one program that is accredited and short in duration is the TORP Program. Importantly, the TORP program:

- has locations at Parramatta, Sydney CBD, Newcastle and Manly

- remains accredited by the Dept. Justice to deliver its 1 day programs until June 2018

- will roll out a new innovative and participant interactive program as of July 2018

Posted by Sebastian De Brennan, Barrister,

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